Deep Times Editorial Team

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Aravinda Ananda is a member of the Interhelp Council, helped start a Greater Boston Work that Reconnects Community of Practice and has been a part of many co-facilitation teams including the Earth Leadership Cohort – an immersion in the Work for young adults and the Community Leadership Cohort – an exploration of communities of practice. Her primary life’s work is helping to transform human-Earth relationships to be mutually enhancing; she is currently finishing a book called Living rEvolution. She seeks to live the rEvolution daily and support others on this path.

Molly Brown, M.A., M.Div, Editor of Deep Times, co-authored Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work That Reconnects with Joanna Macy. Molly brings ecopsychology, the Work That Reconnects, and psychosynthesis to her work writing books and essays, teaching on-line courses, phone coaching, talks and workshops. Her six books include Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning and Lighting a Candle: Collected Reflections on a Spiritual Life. With Mutima Imani and Constance Washburn, Molly directs and teaches the Facilitator Development Program for the Work That Reconnects

Karina Lutz is a writer, editor, teacher, and lifelong activist. She helped secure passage of sustainable energy legislation, thwart a proposed megaport, and restore wetlands in her home watershed of Narragansett Bay, RI. In 2013, she received honorable mention from Homebound Publications Poetry Prize for her manuscript, Preliminary Visions.


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Randy Morris, Ph.D., recently retired from the Liberal Studies Program at Antioch University Seattle where he was a faculty member from 1987. Prior to that, he taught kids in Atlanta and Hiroshima, Japan for ten years. Currently, he coordinates a Spiritual Studies program and teaches adult classes in depth psychology, dreamwork, mythology, ecospirituality, and ritual process.  His life-long interest is in personal and cultural initiation in preparation for the Great Turning.  He serves on the board and as a vision quest guide for Rite of Passage Journeys.  He is an avid kayaker and music-maker and loves to sit by the waters and daydream.   

Lisa Siegel is a passionate environmental educator, community activist, and mother of two sons. She has been lucky to have experienced Deep Ecology/The Work That Reconnects first hand with John Seed and Joanna Macy, and has been a student of Insight Buddhism for the past five years. Lisa is a founding member of the Centre for Ecological Learning (CEL), located in the lush Bellingen Valley in NSW Australia. The WTR has been the foundation for her work with young people in a local environmental youth group, as well as adult workshops and retreats that she has facilitated over the years through CEL (

Rebecca Selove has worked as a clinical psychologist in community settings and private practice for several decades. Currently she is a public health researcher focused on cancer-related disparities. The foundation for her love of  Earth was established during her childhood on her family’s dairy farm in West Virginia. She was blessed to be surrounded by animals, flowers, clouds, creeks and mountains on a daily basis. She read her first Joanna Macy book in the mid-80’s and has been facilitating WTR-inspired workshops since the early 90’s. She lives and gardens on a certified organic farm in Tennessee.

Carolyn Wilbur Treadway is a psychotherapist, family therapist, pastoral counselor, and social worker, now retired after 55 years of facilitating change and growth in people’s lives. She continues her personal life/sustainability coaching practice, GraceFull Life Coaching, by phone or Skype.   She “speaks for Earth” however she can—as a climate leader (trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project since 2007), anti-nuclear activist, program presenter, writer, and photographer. Since the mid-1980s she has been part of the Work That Reconnects. With her husband Roy, she lives in Lacey, Washington. Their three children and four young grandchildren constantly fuel her motivation to preserve our precious Earth. Contact her at [email protected].