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While honoring its origins in the teachings of Joanna Macy, the Work That Reconnects is an evolving body of work. Evolving Edge features articles on new theory, practices and other developments in the Work That Reconnects. There is a current focus on re-visioning the Work with the aims of de-colonization,* integrating a deeper anti-oppression framing and analysis, embracing marginalized perspectives and considerations, and generally making the Work safer and more relevant for non-dominant groups.

*We are using the term “De-colonization” to mean the pursuit of liberation, reclaiming mind and heart from the legacy of colonialism, i.e. personal, interpersonal, and institutional domination over people and the natural world. This process demands that we acknowledge historic and ongoing traumas from colonization, genocide, white supremacy, and systemic racism.  It requires actions accountable to people of color by creating and securing structural changes that insure equity and right relationship.

August 2017

Extended Part 1: WTR Through a Lens of Person of Color (POC) Identity, and Intra-personal, Inter-personal, and Group Dynamics

by Erica Peng
A perspective on my own journey of identity and personal and professional development, about how powerful WTR has been for my own process of reconnection, as well as how great the opportunity is for WTR’s continued evolution.

Full transcript of conversation between Patricia St. Onge, Ann Marie Davis and Aravinda Ananda

Aravinda: Good afternoon to this conversation between Patricia St. Onge, Ann Marie Davis and Aravinda Ananda. Let’s take a moment for each of us to introduce ourselves. Ann Marie: My name is Ann Marie Davis and I’m a writer. I

May 2017

Poem: All Around Me

by Leonard Perry

Pathways Toward Wholeness: Calling in White Folks

by Aryeh Shell
To live up to its promise of reconnecting us with each other and the Earth, the Work that Reconnects must center the voices of people of color and the systemic and historical realities of white supremacy, capitalism and colonization. We must recognize that the Great Unraveling and Business as Usual have been going on for a very long time.

Finding Community Post-Election

by Beth Remmes
A few weeks after the election, my yoga teacher and owner of a studio in Georgia, approached me and said, “Beth, I have to do something. People are crying in class. I am having a hard time getting through classes myself. What can we offer these people who are in so much pain?” We scheduled a workshop for the first Saturday in December and named it after the book, "Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy."

Waking up White in the Work That Reconnects

by Maya Jones
When the online course White Awake was offered to Work That Reconnects facilitators, I eagerly enrolled. Now, halfway through the course I find myself challenged to think not only about how I facilitate the Work That Reconnects, but how I live my life.

November 2016

Lessons & Reflections from Radical Dharma

By Aravinda Ananda
What a time to be alive! So many skeletons are coming out of the systems of oppression closets and being made more visible in the public arena, which has been mostly silent for centuries in order to maintain power.

De-colonizing the Work That Reconnects

interviews with Aravinda Ananda, Belinda Griswold, Mutima Imani, and Joseph Rotella.
What inspired me to make the call for everyone to gather to think about decolonising our practice in the Work That Reconnects is that over the past four years or so, it had been gradually dawning on me just how very exclusive a lot of the work that we have been doing is.