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Honoring Our Pain for the World

Poem: You who let yourselves feel: enter the breathing

by Rainer Maria Rilke
trans. by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy

Poem: That’s Right

by Toby Bush

Poem: Inside Job

by Karina Lutz

Poem: Evening primrose

by Karina Lutz

Poem: Destiny

by Megan Hollingsworth

Going Forth

Poem: I Have No Advice

by Rick Benjamin

Poem: Blazing a Path of Devotion

by Randy Morris
This poem was written near the end of a week-long retreat on ‘Grief and Longing’ that took place in the Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado in 2012. How could I be an activist, a family man and a contemplative at the same time?

Poem: As Earth

By Doug Hitt