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resources-section-imageBooks, videos, films, and music that support  the Work That Reconnects and the Great Turning.





May 2017

My Journey Through Singing in the Great Turning

by Gretchen Sleicher
One of the primary purposes of the Work That Reconnects is to help us turn toward each other rather than against each other as we navigate these times of great danger and opportunity we often call the Great Turning, and singing together is one very effective tool in the Work That Reconnects toolbox.

Book review: Positive Thinking in a Dark Age

by Jim Tull
Review by Carolyn Treadway
Even the title of Jim Tull's small book, "Positive Thinking in a Dark Age," is a welcome invitation to move beyond catastrophic thinking into “seeing with new eyes.” Goodness knows we need to find the opportunities within these dark times to claim and act upon!

Book Review: 101 Ways to Make Guerilla Beauty

by Trebbe Johnson
Review by Emily Ryan
This slim book is both a how-to manual and deep dive guide into the philosophy of Radical Joy for Hard Times and its signature practice, the Global Earth Exchange.

Announcement: Systems Thinking Seminar with Joanna Macy

This 5-day seminar is devoted to systems thinking, with emphasis on its generative relation to the Work That Reconnects. We will look at how Deep Ecology, the Buddha’s teachings, and Ubuntu as well as other indigenous traditions converge with systems thinking and dramatize its relevance to this global moment.

A Call to Life – Variations on a Theme of Extinction

A link to an amazing hour-long meditation of music and poetic prose by Kathleen Dean Moore, writer, and Rachelle McCabe, pianist--a powerful video to view as part of the Honoring Our Pain for the World stage of the Spiral.

Resources on the Doctrine of Discovery and U.S. History

compiled by Elder Activists for Social Justice, Conscious Elders Network
A list of resources to help Americans, especially those with settler ancestry, educate themselves about this tragic legacy of our nation’s history that lives on today.