De-colonizing the Work that Reconnects – workshop

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A Workshop for White Facilitators of the Work
facilitated by Aryeh Shell
and Joshua Gorman

Friday evening, Feb 24 through Sunday midday, Feb 26, 2017 
Canticle Farm, 1968 36th Avenue, Oakland CA 

In service to the Great Turning and the construction of an equitable and inclusive society – something we need more than ever in the wake of the recent US presidential election – we will work to uncover the blind spots of white privilege and identity that can inhibit our capacity for true solidarity and systemic change.  How do we act with integrity, awareness, humility and accountability in our journey to dismantle the internalized and systemic nature of white supremacy?

We will both critique and utilize the Work that Reconnects as we  unpack whiteness and deepen our commitment to anti-racist action and allyship in our country and world at this historical moment. Join us!

Cost: $200 plus donations for food and venue.

To enable this workshop to happen, a small team of volunteers is needed to take care of logistics.   Tasks include:

  • handling registration,
  • arranging for a venue,
  • coordinating places to stay for out-of-towners,
  • coordinating meal planning and preparation, and
  • workshop supplies, set-up, and clean-up.

Please use this Google Form to respond, so we can assess the level of interest and volunteer support.  Doing so will assure you a place in the workshop.

Aryeh Shell has studied with Joanna and facilitated the Work that Reconnects since 2001 with communities throughout the US, Latin America and Africa. She is the Education and Training Director with Creative Action Institute and has taught anti-racism, arts activism and creative leadership trainings for the last two decades in schools, communities and social change organizations. With MA’s in Education and International Relations, she also brings deep knowledge of somatic practices, mindfulness and an integral approach to human development and transformation.  

Joshua Gorman is a writer, speaker, community builder, and a leading voice championing the paradigm-shifting role of the Millennial Generation. He is the founder of Generation Waking Up, an organization that ignites young people to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world.  He is a founding member of Youth Passageways, a network of individuals and organizations working in the fields of youth and community development, contemporary rites of passage, intergenerational collaboration, and cultural renewal.  Joshua is a co-founder of Thrive East Bay, a purpose-driven community bringing people together at the intersections of science, spirituality, and social change.  He is currently completing a book titled Generation Waking Up: The Rise of Global Millennials and A Thriving New World.

Watch for further announcements about this workshop on the website.

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