Poem: Grandmother Tree Speaks

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by Anna Jarrett


by Anna Jarrett

Look up to my canopy
Every night I dance with the stars
Look down to my roots
Reaching deep into the ground
Look out to my limbs
I have many scars and broken branches
Feel my skin –
I have shed many layers
And I am still here
Standing strong
Through the seasons and the years
I am still here
Feel me
Sink into me
Be with me
Breathe with me
I am always with you
My child
I am here

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Anna Jarrett is a professional storyteller, facilitator, writer, teacher and outdoor
guide. Her work with story and writing is a mix of programs that create places and spaces for sharing our stories in diverse ways
. Living on the south east coast of Australia in a bush and beach environment, Anna treasures her daily connection and conversations with nature. Anna seeks ways to write stories and poetry that give our earth a voice, explore our inner landscapes, and express stories from different points of view. Her creative workshops energize a vision of a connected, caring world community. www.travellingstoryteller.com.au

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