Mission of the Network

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Networks are the only form of organization used by living systems on this planet. These networks result from self-organization, where individuals or species recognize their interdependence and organize in ways that support the diversity and viability of all. Networks create the conditions for emergence, which is how Life changes.

~Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze,
“Lifecycle of Emergence: Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale,”
Berkana Institute.org.

Our Vision
– The Work That Reconnects Network provides support, guidance, and inspiration to people all over the world in their work for the Great Turning, in diverse communities, schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, and NGOs.
– The  Work That Reconnects Network functions as a vibrant living system, providing communication, education, mutual support, and collaboration in creating curricula, practices, books and articles, music, poetry, and art.

Our Mission
– To design and build a network of facilitators and community members in the Work That Reconnects for optimal communication, collaboration, inspiration, and mutual support, and to contribute to the Great Turning.
– To promote the Work That Reconnects in the world by building relationships in person and via social media, an interactive website, a periodic journal, and other means.
– To develop a support system with funding and staff to enable the Work That Reconnects Network to fulfill its vision.

Our Values
Openness, transparency, connectivity, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, kindness, service to the welfare of all beings of the three times, and to the healing of the planet.

Network Leadership
Although networks arise from the self-organization of all members, a few people have stepped up to get things going, calling ourselves the Network Weavers: Aravinda Ananda, Werner Brandt, Molly Brown, Emily Ryan, and Constance Washburn.  Three of these people constitute a quorum.  Currently, this Team is meeting online every two weeks.

Other Weavers may participate at any time by following activities and making comments on our Basecamp site, and by attending meetings of the Core Team and participating in the consensus process when in attendance.  Meeting times, agendas, and minutes are posted on our Basecamp site; all the Weavers have access to that site.  In the future, we may post minutes of our meetings on the workthatreconnects.org website, available only to Network facilitator members.  If you want to be involved in the Weavers group, please use our Contact Form.

Opportunities To Get Involved

We are looking for folks to volunteer time and skills to help grow the Network. Please be in touch if you can help in these areas:

  • Network Weaving core team

  • Network engagement – involving folks in the activity of the Network

  • Database/MailChimp management

  • Website administration and development

  • Editorial team for Deep Times journal

  • Graphic design and layout for Deep Times journal
  • Scholarship fund development (policies, procedures, and funding)

  • Grant-writing to support the website, journal, scholarship fund, and other Network endeavors

  • Organizing and Creating/facilitating webinars for facilitators and friends of the Work That Reconnects.

  • Anything else you think needs doing!

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