Poem: The Force Field of Love

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By Carolyn W. Treadway

We are held in love
By the universe itself
Expressed in myriad ways
Through manifestations huge and tiny:
The orderly movement of stars
In the night heavens,
The communication of the honeybees,
The blooming of a flower,
The flow of the seasons,
Dolphins caring for wounded humans.
The patterns of the universe
From unfathomable vastness
To subatomic particles
These convey the glue that holds
Emptiness and motion

Some may call it gravity–
this pull we have on each other–
but I call it Love.
Love is the glue that holds us together.
How we treat each other
How we treat the Earth, our only home,
Depends on Love.
If we can’t learn to act from love
We will not survive.
Love is our anchor, our core,
The force field that pulls us toward each other
To create the interconnected web
of life.

We are held in love
We are loved
We are love
We hold each other in love.


Originally published in Held in Love: Life Stories to Inspire Us Through Times of Change. Edited by Molly Young Brown & Carolyn Wilbur Treadway, Psychosynthesis Press, 2009.

Carolyn Wilbur Treadway is a psychotherapist, family therapist, pastoral counselor, and social worker, now retired after 55 years of facilitating change and growth in people’s lives. She continues her personal life/sustainability coaching practice, GraceFull Life Coaching, by phone or Skype.   She “speaks for Earth” however she can—as a climate leader (trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project since 2007), anti-nuclear activist, program presenter, writer, and photographer. Since the mid-1980s she has been part of the Work That Reconnects. With her husband Roy, she lives in Lacey, Washington. Their three children and four young grandchildren constantly fuel her motivation to preserve our precious Earth. Contact her at Carolyn@PlanetCare.us.

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