Poem: All Around Me

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By Leonard Perry

All around me,
I see plenty.
Plenty of humans,
But no humanity.
Plenty of lovers,
But not much love.
Plenty of people are keeping time,
Yet nobody’s making any.
I see eyes all around me
Yet they lack life –
Their bodies are alive…
but their souls aren’t living.



Leonard Charles is a 19 year old revolutionist currently living behind the redwood curtain of Northern California. He lives for love and finds himself most at peace in the comforting hands of mother nature. Always passionate, he held his first solidarity events at 16 years old and has been organizing ever since. His first experience with the Work that Reconnects was this past January, where he had the honor of learning from Joanna Macy herself. Leonard now facilitates the Work in his Northern California community, and – keeping constant with his own experience – he has watched it change countless lives.

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