Dear White People

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by Aries Jordan

Dear White people,
(Specifically to the liberal, progressive, millennial people who feel disconnected from white extremist)

It is time to heal your community and address the extremist.
Its time to address your at risk kids in the suburbs and private schools.
White Feminist it is time to re-educate your Men and sons.
It is time to retrace your roots, rituals and ceremonies and relearn your culture so you do not have to misappropriate and misrepresent another culture as your own.
It is time to reflect and study White privilege’s impact in your personal life.
It is time to declare a war on drugs specifically heroin and prescription medication.
It is time to experience the discomfort of challenging White privilege at your dinner tables, BBQs and social functions so that you do not have to seek refuge in the hood and play poor to restore your humanity.
It is time to google and research, so when another narrative that goes against the comforts of White privilege/ supremacy you don’t have a nervous breakdown and obstruct progress with your guilt.
It is time to explore why White people are in constant fear and addicted to creating weapons.
At this time we need you to address White on White violence.
It is time to use your privilege and protection to fight against injustice any chance you get, because beyond news coverage it is happening everyday.
Educate and heal yourself and the White community because the people of the world cannot.
We want you to focus your energy on your people and we will heal and restore our own communities.
Maybe just one day we can live in true peace and harmony.

Aries J

Aries Jordan is a poet, performance artist, educator, cultural worker and MFA candidate Spring 2018 .  Aries poetry weaves together prose, proverbs and cultural narratives of the African diaspora. Her work reflects the intersection between race, politics and spirituality. She is the Author of  Journey to womanhood: A poetic Rite of Passage and  chapbook series titled The  Evolution of a Poetic Goddess: Volume I & II in in 2013. Aries is a performance artist and curator of literary events that combine healing arts and social justice like Poetry in the Park and Feeding the Artist Within. Aries is a proud New Yorker currently residing in Oakland, CA. Aries is available for performances, workshops and panels send inquires:  [email protected].  Social Media handle: @ ariesjthepoet

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