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by Signature MiMi

A traveler by natural right
Wandering around physical planes
Attempting to connect with this vessel while
               mindfully in the stratosphere
Wondering how the universe came to be             from
               me &
               my fellow beings
               Still         a rare instance in this
                                              ever-evolving place
                               we call now
               still         digging deeper into the earth
Searching for answers
               we always had questions for
Truth Seekers
                               Light Seers

Time is opening                             as the
               veil of uncertainty
               seems fluid with
               honest intention and
                                                          white noise

So pure—
               as if our ancestors
               counted on us
                               in this very instant
                               to gravitate towards a
               collective consciousness
               connecting experience and

No need to search for yourself

We have been found together

               On this journey
                             In this life
                                                           With time
                                                           Constantly reminding us that
               WE ARE
               a l i v e

Signature MiMi is a Poetic Being, Creative Expressionista & Community Builder, Linguist, Philosopher & Peace-full Soul. She brings soothing rhythm and resonance to her poems & spoken word offerings. MiMi has been sharing her passions for over 12 years and speaks intuitively about her creative evolutions. In 2014, MiMi released her first project: “Only Poetry Could Have Brought Me Here.” Currently cultivating creative juices and justice in the northeast, MiMi has dedicated her voice and gifts to empowering others, especially youth.
To connect – please visit www.signaturesoul.love. 

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