Land of Uncertainty

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by Karine Gibouleau

I have arrived
On the land of the unknown
Has always been part of the life of our ancestors
But today
Like many
I am aware
Of the endangered future
Of all species

Great Smoky Mountain National Park   © Simone Lipscomb

Calling for healing
I sit by the river
Where beauty is abundant
Within my heart
I know nothing
But the vibration
That makes us one

I sit on a rock
That ice has moved many thousands of years before I learned to walk
I feel that strength
In my bones
For I receive power and support no human can offer me

I see the ducks flying up and down the river
It is a good path
I shall travel my life
With the current and against the current

On this land of uncertainty
I know
The leaves are falling
It smells fresh
And death is in the air
Though a part of me wishes,
White tail up
I could run away with the deers
I will stand
In all winds
With my fellow living beings

Then on this land
Winter will come
I certainly hope it does
For I need to rest and dream
Of a child
Living thousands of years from now
Sitting by the river
Beauty in her heart
Power in her bones
That the Earth can offer everything and only what she needs


Interdisciplinary human, social and therapeutic artist, Karine writes and performs poetry and stories harvested in connection with the natural world and ancestry. She has a passion for encountering waters, trees, medicinal plants, mammals and birds with an open heart. She’s profoundly inspired and grateful for her own lineage, indigenous cultures, Work That Reconnects and Deep nature connection work. She also vibrates in tune with dreams, meditation, healing work, ceremonies, oral tradition and clowning. She advocates in favor of a body-positive culture where love can shine for all incredible human bodies. 

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