Songs of Gratitude

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by Jen Myzel


To begin the gratitude section of this issue of Deep Times, we offer these beautiful songs by Jen Myzel.  Click on the image and take a few minutes to listen and enjoy!



Jen Myzel is a singer/songwriter and facilitator of the Work that Reconnects.  Jen has two full-length albums, Family Tree and Silence Speak, that address topics including grief, love, climate change, social justice, activism and spirituality. She has performed at the Bioneers Conference, March Against Monsanto, and PLACE for Sustainable Living, and has collaborated with numerous musicians including ANML, Nimo (Empty Hands Music), Bolo, Octopretzel, and Ayla Nereo.  Jen is also the vocal music teacher at Crocker Highlands Elementary School in Oakland, CA for grades K-5.  In 2008, Jen co-founded Camp Kumquat, an urban farming camp for inner-city youth in St. Louis, MO, which still exists today on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.  She is currently working on a children’s song book called “Yellow Lotus Flower: How One Lonesome Flower Rose Up From the Muck”, with illustrations by Hillary Mendoza.

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