Welcome to the February 2018 Issue of Deep Times

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by Molly Brown, editor

Welcome to the mid-winter/mid-summer issue of Deep Times journal.  In the face of all that’s happening to and in our world today, I take comfort in the world-wide community of the Work That Reconnects facilitators and friends.

The story of the Great Unraveling is accelerating on every front; I find myself constantly challenged to maintain equanimity and compassion in the face of all that’s happening—and listen to my call to effective action in response.  I read and hear that many others in the Work That Reconnects community and beyond are grappling with these challenges, too.

Our cover image reflects the heartbreak so many are experiencing as we move into 2018:  the heartbreak from the sanctioned violence toward and oppression of People of the Global Majority around the world;  the heartbreak of families separated and children traumatized by warfare, military occupation, and the deportation of undocumented immigrants and refugees; the heartbreak of global climate disruption changing weather patterns everywhere and exacerbating hurricanes, wildfires, floods, drought, and other “natural” disasters; and the heartbreak of individuals and families coping with injury, illness, and loss brought about by the Great Unraveling.  People who have experienced the Work That Reconnects know how vital it is for our awakening and action in the world to allow our hearts to break open, so they can “contain the whole world,” especially in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

This issue has no specific theme, offering instead a variety of perspectives around the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects, as well as articles on the Evolving Edge of the Work, Resources, and Network news.  The next issue, which we aim to publish in July or early August, may focus on the theme of patriarchy, and will welcome articles and poems on other themes as well.  Please check the Submission Guidelines if you want to offer articles, essays, poems, images, or other material.  Please send submissions and/or proposals to [email protected].

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