A Mandala of Tears for the World

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by Dennis Rivers


Click on image to go to the website Five Wings of the Heart and see the whole series in larger format.


Dennis Rivers, MA, is an itinerant writer, teacher, blogger, publisher, and peace activist currently living in the Santa Barbara area. Deeply influenced by Joanna Macy over the past twenty years, Dennis is devoted to exploring, living, and celebrating the connections between the Work That Reconnects and the spiritual and political visions of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dennis studied at the Vermont College Graduate Program, UC Santa Barbara, and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. In 1978 Dennis and a circle of friends were arrested for the felonious planting of wildflowers seeds on a nuclear reactor site; he has been an anti-nuclear activist ever since. www.LiberationTheology.orgwww.EarthCitizens.netwww.companions-in-blessing.org.

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