Six lifetimes of love

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By A.M. Davis

I vow to see who you are
completely and without fail
for this life
and five lifetimes after.

If you come back as a spider
and I come back as your mate,
even as I devour you
I will hold my abdomen
with two of my eight legs
and rock back and forth for a while
as I digest you

because I will
miss you already.

And if I come back as a clear-cut forest
and you come back as an industrialist
I will enter into your dreams
when I am fallen and made
into your four-poster bed.
And I will sigh into your aching heart
and that will be my gift to you:
a heart that can finally
be broken

because I will love you into that lifetime,

And then you can be a squirrel
and I can be
the acorn
that falls at your feet
that you bury until winter.

And you can be the thirsty man
and I can be the rain.

And I can be the rain
and you can be the rainbow
that the people see.

Ann Marie Davis, whose pen name is A.M. Davis, was born and raised in Oakland, California. She is storyteller/poet, a speaker on behalf of the Earth. In 2007, she walked away from her job to devote her life to her creativity. Upon attending a silent meditation retreat, she found space of time in her racing mind, and discovered that she was not her thoughts. This led to daily meditation, retreats, and becoming part of the East Bay Meditation Center community. She recently discovered the Joanna Macy’s work, and the trajectory of her life finally made sense. You can find more of her work at

A.M Davis’ book is currently out of print. She is no longer comfortable working with Amazon ( and is looking for a new publisher.

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