I am the water (for Gaia)

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photo credit: John Salskov-Iversen

poem by John Salskov-Iversen

I am the water

        I am the wave

                    I am the wind

My Hara line is straight and true

Knowing I need to do nothing
Is where I begin

I accept and appreciate the Gifts
Of this elemental day

(I am in my element)

I remember to remember all
My hopes and dreams
Asleep and awake

(I am ever grateful for them)

I trust this loving cosmic wilderness

I trust in myself



On May 21, 2014 at 3:00 a.m.  John Salskov-Iverson had an unexpected stroke: his left carotid artery was completely blocked and no surgical (or otherwise) intervention was possible.  He was 64 years of age.

Thus his previous life was ended.
He had to learn how to feed himself and to walk and to talk and to write, etc.
The struggle continues to reprogram his neural context, accompanied by occasional flashes of insight.

3 thoughts on “I am the water (for Gaia)

  1. Dear John
    This poem is wonderful. “I trust this loving cosmic wilderness”. Thankyou and very good wishes to you

  2. Dear John, thank you for your words of wisdom. You are of this earth and beyond into the cosmos. This is where we all will be when the human race reaches enlightenment. Love & Light, Maddy and Sam. x

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