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By Looby Macnamara

Reconnecting with my joy for life,
I appreciate being alive in this time.
I feel gratitude for the wonders around and within.
As I sense the timeless beauty expressed in the heart of a daisy,
I reconnect with the radiant beauty
travelling through the centre of my eyes.

Reconnecting with the splendour present in
every humming insect, in every bird in flight,
in every whispering of the leaves,
I touch the icy fear present in me, that one day
these treasures will be lost from our world.
Reconnecting with the well of sorrow that lives inside my belly and travels so deep,
my endless tears mourn what we have lost,
and my desire to protect is awakened.

Reconnecting with my anger for all the injustices,
I feel a surge of courage to make changes.
Diving below my numbness bar, I discover I care deeply for every person and being;
a part of me shares the suffering of those I have never met.

Reconnecting with my feelings, more of myself is engaged;
I feel energized and ready to stand and make a difference.

Reconnecting with my belly, I understand my power
Reconnecting with my feet, I feel my roots softening
into the Earth.
Reconnecting with my mind I experience my edges
and my lack of edges.
Reconnecting with my heart, my love
widens to fill my whole breath.
Reconnecting with my core,
I am who I am and I am fluid

Letting go of the stories of my life,
I reconnect with the poetry of my being,
the intimate expression of my soul,
the Mystery held in paradox.
As I let go of the shields protecting me, I open to my vulnerability
and in my vulnerability lies my source of strength.

Opening my eyes to the challenges of our times,
I welcome the possibilities and
opportunities for change and growth.
I reconnect with a fuller vision of what is possible
for myself and the world.
Reconnecting with strands of life woven between generations,
I feel myself as part of the community of all life.
Reconnecting with the reassuring presence of the Milky Way,
time and space stretch and I know not what to expect.
Reconnecting with collective and self responsibility,
I realise we are too powerful not to make a difference
and I find the courage to take a step forward.


Looby Macnamara is a permaculture teacher and author of People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. Her third book, Strands of Infinity is a collection of poetry based on the Work That Reconnects, from which this poem comes. Looby is co-founder of the Cultural Emergence project creating a toolkit for positive cultural evolution. She lives on a 20 acre smallholding in UK, which is run as a demonstration and training centre; Applewood Permaculture Centre. To get signed copies of her book and more about Cultural Emergence and her courses see

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