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By Toni Spencer

The time has come
to galvanize those heaving sighs from
fraught days and spiritual malaise. From
miles and miles spent in supermarket aisles
overwhelmed by choices to the point where
we lose our voices and so silently
we loosen our ties to life.

“Oh my loves what magic we could make if we
galvanized. Realized beyond fantasized futures, the
power of our presence.”

Yes. The time has come, to get together.
To claim the prize of a collective awakening:
Get off our arses.  Realize our vastness and
put it to work: Stopping the shopping and stepping out in the
streets. Battlefronts. Shop fronts. Fields.
Boardrooms. Classrooms. Living rooms.

It’s time to galvanize. To alchemize a fullness of voice.
A radical choice. To speak up for what we know
to be true.

Toni Spencer works with questions of deep ecology, resilience and ‘a politics of wonder’. As a lecturer and course leader Toni has taught on the faculty of Schumacher College (Educational Practice, Ecological Facilitation as Leadership, Embodied Eco-literacy) and at Goldsmiths, University of London (Eco Design). As a participatory artist she has worked with Encounters Arts and The Feral Kitchen, also taking ‘The Work That Reconnects’ to activist communities at Occupy London and elsewhere.  She is a Trustee at Processwork UK and was on the Embercombe Council for 8 years.

With a BA in Fine Art and an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice, Toni has trained in a diverse range of awakening practices and facilitation modalities, alongside many years of dancing, foraging and ‘living life as inquiry’. She is a mentor and teacher for Call of The Wild with Wildwise and Schumacher. She has enjoyed spending time at Findhorn, on Dartmoor and in the deserts of Jordan where she fell more deeply in love with humanity, silence and writing.

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