The Work That Reconnects Network

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Audio read by Molly Brown

The Work That Reconnects Network is a vibrant global community with 180 registered facilitators from over 15 different countries, 9,000+ friends and newsletter subscribers, and over 9,500 followers on Facebook.  

Our Vision

The Work That Reconnects Network provides support, guidance, and inspiration to people all over the world in their work for the Great Turning, in diverse communities, schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, and NGOs.

The Work That Reconnects Network functions as a vibrant living system, providing communication, education, mutual support, and collaboration in creating curricula, practices, books and articles, music, poetry, and art.

Our Mission

To build a network of facilitators and community members in the Work That Reconnects for optimal communication, collaboration, inspiration, and mutual support, and to contribute to the Great Turning.

To promote the Work That Reconnects in the world by building relationships in person and via social media, an interactive website, a periodic journal, and other means.

To develop a support system with funding and staff to enable the Work That Reconnects Network to fulfill its vision.

Our Values

Openness, transparency, connectivity, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, kindness, service to the welfare of all beings of the three times and to the healing of the planet.

Network Organization

Although networks arise from the self-organization of all members, The Work That Reconnects Network is guided and supported by the Network Weavers Team, comprised of Network Weavers serving in a volunteer capacity and paid Network Staff serving in a part-time capacity. Current Network Weavers are: Werner Brandt, Molly Brown, Paula Hendrick, Kathleen Rude, and Constance Washburn. Current Network Staff are: Silvia Di Blasio, Frieda Nixdorf, and Jo delAmor.

The Network Weavers Team holds monthly online meetings to make decisions by consensus. Weavers and staff also participate in various committees that support Network programs. If you want to be involved in the Weavers Team, please let us know via our Contact Form.  We especially welcome international Weavers (from outside the USA).

Current Projects: 

  • A new and improved website launched in September 2019 with greater accessibility and resources for our global network, including multilingual and international resources.
  • Educational webinars and interdisciplinary experiences for and by WTR facilitators to foster cross-pollination and collaboration. 
  • Deep Times journal, published twice a year, with articles, essays, poetry, artwork and resources to inspire and inform our Work That Reconnects global community.

Fund-raising Campaign

The Network is currently engaged in a fund-raising campaign to support these projects, including Deep Times journal. We welcome all donations, large and small.  

Opportunities To Get Involved

We welcome volunteers experienced in the Work That Reconnects to help expand the Network and its activities. Please use the Contact Form to let us know if you want to help in these areas:

  • Coordinator of volunteers
  • Network Weavers team
  • International Advisory Board
  • Network engagement – involving folks in the activity of the Network
  • Editorial team for Deep Times journal (currently full)
  • Scholarship fund development (policies, procedures, and funding)
  • Fund-raising and grant-writing to support the website, journal, scholarship fund, and other Network endeavors
  • Organizing and creating/facilitating webinars for facilitators and/or friends of the Work That Reconnects.
  • Anything else you think needs doing!


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