Beautiful Darkness

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By Maya Rose Plaza

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Wisdom from a future being, reminding us to learn from the disasters of our time and to find beauty in each painful moment, so that we may empower the beauty to overcome the pain.

To know something is to see beauty in its darkest moments…

The dandelion growing in the cracks of a concrete creation, defying the agenda to suffocate life.

The flash of the red bird flying through a sky dyed the dark grays of smoke, a blur of confusion blinding us from the light.

The sparkle of hope in eyes gaunt with hunger, fazed with the fear of a raging reality, craving the taste of steady knowledge that today we suffered but tomorrow we rise.

The unapologetic power surging through streets crowded with the determination to demolish the foundations that built a nation of injustice and hate.

See the beauty and will it to grow,
To manifest in us so we may grow with it.
Look for the goodness and carry it forward,
Let the darkness know it’s ok to surrender, let down the guard, begin a new cycle,
Reassure we can change, we can work here together to build a creation of beautiful darkness,
of radiant light.

Maya Rose Plaza (15)

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