By Accident

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By Connor Gibson

an embroidered panel with three lines of poetry above colorful dyed fabric silhouettes of three geese

Image: a black panel with white embroidered poetry reading “I’m scared that one year / the geese will stop flying north / and I won’t notice”. Underneath the text are three silhouettes of flying birds in blue and pink cut-out fabric. One bird is larger, two birds are smaller, flying from the left to the right of the panel.


Caption read by author

We didn’t know what was coming, but we could feel it somewhere.

Audio version of biography

Connor Gibson (25, they/he) is a mixed media artist and youth worker who feels most connected when playing in the realms of textiles, writing and book arts. They currently live as a settler on Ohlone land and trace their personal lineage to the Germanic States and British Isles. They are currently asking how their art and work might serve as tools in movements for justice of all forms. They also enjoy exploring the ways that psychotherapy and the arts blend into one another. Connor has apprenticed with beings ranging from artist Anne Greenwood (Portland, OR) to the plant-artist known as stinging nettle (Kent, UK).  Yesterday, they found out that the loquat tree in their neighbor’s yard might be a partner in making pink natural dyes. 

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