Gather the Seeds

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by Marissa Perez

Image description: A block print on white paper. The print is rectangular and the background is gold. White calendula flowers vine around words that read: “Gather the seeds, the petals. Then you’re ready for what comes.”


Audio read by author

Calendula is growing everywhere in my neighborhood. The seeds are in the cracks in the sidewalk. I’ve been collecting as many as I can for future gardens and future medicines. Calendula can be used to aid digestion, build immunity, and more.

Audio version of biography

Marissa Perez (she/her, age 26) is a mixed white/Puerto Rican printmaker, comics maker, and youth worker who lives in Portland, Oregon. She teaches zine workshops and printmaking classes at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR and puts up posters about cats in her neighborhood. You can see more of her art here:

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