Spirals of joy I / II / III; espirales de alegría I / II / III

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by Laura Cincera

A string of white words grow across an indigo rectangle

Image: An indigo rectangle. Strings of white words growing out of the right corner: an environment full of joy, artistic creativity, sacred sexuality, travelling adventures, spiritual growth, organic balance, Going on stage, Feeling alive, learning and teaching languages, music, reading, travel, Friendship ️, pause moments, cooking, meditate, admire the view, Connection, life of presence, Reading! Breathing, walking, nature, being, nothing. many things. presence, human bonding, beach, a labrador puppy, dancing, travelling, watching Netflix on a rainy day, Writing, strangers and filling out applications for things


Purple words zigzag across an emerald rectangle

Image: Emerald background, monocolour. Through the middle of of the rectangle, a purple line of words crosses from end to end in zigzag. The words change in shape. The text reads: exploring new ideas, Existence, Breathing, music, travels, love, learning and helping others, expansion and exploration, Freedom, to radiate love <3, Pole Dancing, Helping people


A string of white words grow in a serpent shape across a coral red background

Image: Coral red rectangular background. From the left, bottom corner, a string of words grows out, in a serpent-like shape. The white words change in direction and size and read: Sunday morning cycling, fresh mountain air, day dreaming, funk, constant learning, self-discovery, music, dancing, Truth, silliness and love, #winning, Conversing with people who are fully honest and in touch with their true self, Dance, music, art, friends, Painting, Curly puppy hair. Warm tea. Creamy chocolate. Walking in the crisp morning woods.


Caption in English read by author

Joy as an elixir for (re)connection, aliveness, presence. Joy as a compass. These spirals are the fruits of a  participatory art project that harvested responses to the question what brings you joy? 

The question is still alive – and now it has found you, too.  What brings you joy?

Caption in Spanish read by author

La alegría como elixir de (re)conexión, vitalidad, presencia. La alegría como brújula.

Estas espirales son el fruto de un proyecto de arte participativo para el que cosechamos respuestas a la pregunta ¿qué despierta tu alegría?

La pregunta sigue viva y ahora también te ha encontrado a ti. ¿A qué sabe tu alegría?

Audio version of biography

Laura Cincera likes dancing with questions, blurring boundaries between disciplines and allowing curiosity to guide her explorations. Currently it has led her at the intersection of education, art and spirituality. Her work for Google’s social impact initiative is focused on transforming education by making it free, accessible and relevant for emerging future(s). More than 13 Million people have been part of this socialgood initiative in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to date. As an executive coach and mindfulness facilitator, Laura supports others to design flourishing paths that allow to sustain a sense of intentionality, wellbeing and playfulness. Previously, she advocated for gender equality in business at the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce, was a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a TEDx speaker and organiser. Her artistic practice is socially engaged and shapeshifts across mediums.

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