True Freedom

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By Katherine Hollingworth

a digital collage shows an ambiguous deity-like figure with wings and a halo floating in an overcast sky

Image: A digital collage shows a human figure in the center. This figure is of no certain sex or gender and has many patches of different skin tones similar to cow print. These skin tones range from dark and rich to pale white. The figure has big white angel wings and a gold leaf halo. They have a rainbow flag wrapped around their chest and crotch as well as broken chains falling away from the body. This deity is seemingly floating in an overcast sky with a powerful and open stance, surrounded by a rainbow aura.


Audio caption read by Lucia Rioseco


When we look at why the our world will fail there are plenty of reasons but for us to overcome these reasons we need to work together and to work together we need to solve the most embedded problem in our society – discrimination. The future needs us to be in a place where one can express themselves regardless of sex, gender, race or sexuality. A place where nothing is out of the ordinary but everyone is extraordinary. And then we can work together to save the world.



Audio version of biography


Katherine Rane Hollingworth (16) Hi there. I’m Kat, currently a grade 10 student and an aspiring artist. I’m just your average teenager, enjoys hanging out with friends, watching netflix and discussing social, political and environmental issues.



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