waking up this morning

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By tee audree

Audio read by Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth

Image: A page of ruled paper with handwritten text

I am diving into this for you children, grandchildren, siblings, and niblings. My queer beloves; those who most likely will not know me or read this until long after I am gone.This morning I woke up to the news that another trans woman has been violently murdered. The sun is just beginning to rise. I rub my eyes and stretch really big, reaching for a sip of water and   the little container that my hormones are in. I sit up and stretch again to another morning beginning in grief.  

8 trans people have been murdered in the last 7 days, a majority being black trans women. My heart breaks, and I cry, then get up to wash my face and get a cup of coffee in me. I scroll through social media and see the covid death rates rising. I make note that the supreme court has been busy, meaning more people will probably die because of it. 

Image: a spiral bound notebook open showing part of two pages with  handwriting. Above is a square card with horizontal blue, pink , and white stripes and large uppercase letters ACAB.

In the same news feed I see more uprisings happening. Another police car captured and burned. It is said that Minneapolis is disbanding their police department.  I am witness to a movement moving. I am inspired. So many youth and babies in the streets right now learning and growing. It all makes me smile, thinking of the long nights and tear gas soaked possibilities that come with it. 

My abolitionist daydreams are interrupted by the phone ringing. It’s a beloved friend, I answer and we cry together for a bit, knowing that we are grieving on the edge of a revolution.

So dearest ones I hope these words, and this diary finds you well – thriving, in a different world than the one I am writing from. And if not, I hope these words serve as battleground to keep fighting. 

Sincerely yours in solidarity forever,

A trans girl from another time,

 tee <3 07/08/2020



Audio version of biography


tee audree is a 24 year old queer womxn of trans experience, a writer, abolishionist, and pipeline fighter. 



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