Mountain Altar

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By Sam Lacey

Recorded by author

High above abandoned threshing circles
And ancient acequias

Where roads end
And timelessness begins

I come to reaffirm my faith

Where moss and lichens thrive
In the most inhospitable places

And butterflies dance
Among thistles
And weather-beaten artemisias

I splash the last of the rushing snow-melt
Over my weary flesh

Naked, wind-kissed skin
Caressed by the breath of spirit

Thirst quenched in fleeting moments
By the elixir of deep time

As sun and moon dance
Between day and night

Before this vast, rocky altar
I drop to my knees

In reverence.

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Sam Lacey is a lifetime explorer of inner and outer realms, who’s wandered wild across many continents until making her home in southern Spain. Her poetry is a relational dance of intimacy, born of her connection with this mysterious, beautiful and elemental world.

She brings her grief, love, curiosity and creativity in service of life. A keeper of hearth and home, she offers space for healing and transformation – trusting wholeheartedly the wisdom of nature and her ever-changing cycles. She works with groups and individuals to cultivate deeper intimacy and connection with self, other and the natural world.

Bio recorded by Martha O’Hehir

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