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By Georgia McCrory-Bowick

Recorded by author

I walk into the forest,
And realise
I don’t know who I am.

But with you,
I get an inkling
Of who I could be.

Poet’s note: This is a conversation between body and earth. The dialogue passed between speaks of something inherent in all of us, access to a kind of mysticism woven through our lives, but perhaps most easily heard in the bush.

It is these moments that whisper to me of remembering, “our place in the family of things” (Mary Oliver). 

Papatūānuku is Earth Mother, the land–of which all things originate. More information on the meaning of Papatūānuku can be found here:


Georgia is a slow, sensitive observer. She is a part-time writer, community organiser & environmental policy advocate exploring dharma as a guide to live into the questions of our time. Georgia lives in Aotearoa New Zealand.



Biography recorded by Rebecca Selove

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