The Rising

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By Annie Hayes

Recorded by author

I see you, sister.
I hear you. 

You are hurting.
Your heart is bruised. 

You need comfort, respite.
You need tenderness and care.
You need someone to hear your words,
bear your pain with you
so that you don’t have to bear it alone. 

You may be chipped, scarred,
but you are not broken.
You may feel weak, but you are not finished.
You are not done. 

As the moon rises night after night in her bright, shining beauty,
so too will you rise again,

darkness dispelled by your radiant light.

Annie Hayes is an artist and athlete with an unquenchable thirst for meaning who delights in chasing sunsets and loves all things lunar. Her work as a yoga teacher and experience with prison ministry have inspired her to explore how a theological anthropology rooted in a reverence and holiness toward the human body can lead to healthier relationships with ourselves, others, and the wider body of Creation. Annie is investigating these themes and more as she pursues a Master of Divinity in Berkeley, CA.

Biography recorded by Rebecca Selove

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