Where There Are Trees

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By Chelsea Frisbee

Recorded by author

Where there are trees
being trees,
still and dormant in winter,
stretching and thriving in summer,
I am alive, too.

Where there is open sky,
views far out to mountains and clouds,
where sun melts snow even at 15 degrees,
where wind is an invitation to breathe,
I can breathe, too.

Where there are flowing streams
cascading down steep banks,
laughing and chattering after the big rain,
roaring their delight across the narrow valley,
I can move, too.

Teach me, mother
Teach me
how to live.

Chelsea Frisbee is a writer, coach, and farmer based in rural upstate New York. She is happiest when singing by the river, catching poems in the field, or leading groups of women through earth-based spiritual exploration and deep connection. Through her work, she connects people to the natural world, to their truest selves, and to deeper meaning and purpose. Her debut book, A Journey of Light, is a collaboration with her late mother, Susan Woodworth, and includes interwoven poetry, essays, and reflections to create a shared mother-daughter story as together they navigate uncertainty, loss, and grief.

Biography recorded by Rebecca Selove

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