Collected Resources for Further Exploration on the Climate Crisis

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Collected by Martha O’Hehir

In October and November, 2021, The Work That Reconnects Network partnered with Pulp Films and Video Project to support the international release of Once You Know, an award-winning film by Emmanuel Cappellin in collaboration with Anne-Marie Sangla. Inspired by the Work That Reconnects, Extinction Rebellion and Collapsology, this film is a deeply personal exploration of coming to terms with crisis, collapse and active hope in these troubling times. The  series of Once You Know film screenings and post-screening events was announced to the WTR Network mailing list, and more than 22 events in 9 different countries were scheduled very quickly. Martha O’Hehir, a facilitator and member of the Deep Times Journal Editorial Board, hosted two of these events on November 4th and 10th, and she identified many of the resources listed here for those who participated.  


Active Hope by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever proposed to Reverse Global Warming, and Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, both By Paul Hawken

Becoming Gaia, by Sean Kelly

Power, by Richard Heinberg

Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet, by Thich Nhat Hanh

All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine K. Wilkinson

Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest by Suzanne Simard

Sisters in Spirit: Haudenosaunee Influence on Early American Feminists, by Sally Roesch Wagner

Imbalanced Spheres of Activism and “The Great Turning” that Needs to Get Turning

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Pp. 105-117, “Allegiance to Gratitude,” is the chapter with The Haudenosaunee. Thanksgiving Address in full, with annotations.

Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World by  Doug Good Feather, transcribed by Doug Red Hail Pineda. pg. 53-66 contains the Water Ceremony for Healing Trauma

A People’s History of the United States  by Howard Zinn

Citation from Columbus’s log, page 1; citation from Las Casas’s History of the Indies on page 7



The Shambala Prophecy by Joanna Macy

Befriending Your Despair (4:30) by Joanna Macy

*Climate Crisis as a Spiritual Path  by Joanna Macy

Post Doom with Joanna Macy and Michael Dowd

A hopeful movie on regeneration is 2040

Trailer for the Movie 2040:

Bill McKibben’s Teach -In on Climate Change

#1-   (12:33) How We Got here

#2-     (8:15) What We Can Do

 Three Solutions That Can Slow or Stop Climate Change (4:29)

Climate Change: We are the Problem and the Solution (8:42)

His Epic message Will Want to make You Save the World (4:23)

Some Call Me Nature- Julia Roberts speaks as the voice of Mother Nature (1:58)

Climate Change is about Power (2:18)

Friendly Guide to Climate Change and What You Can Do (16:52)

Great Thunberg: Democracy is the Only Solution to the Climate Crisis (1:29)


Web Resources

The Work That Reconnects

Post Carbon Institute   (Richard Heinberg)

Resilience (Richard Heinberg)

Localization Action Guide (out of Australia, applicable anywhere)

TH!RD ACT – Bill McKibben’s movement/website for our retired generation to begin protesting again for climate change Third Act!


Resources for Healing Our Pain

Grace and Lightness

To Set Right: Ho’oponopono: A Native American Way of Peacemaking

by Manu Meyer in The Compleat Lawyer, Fall 1995

Climate Psychology Alliance

Providing psychotherapy for people concerned about climate urgency and issues;

The organization supports therapists who wish to open their practice to climate concerns

And there is a tab for individuals to GET SUPPORT



Music from the Work That Reconnects Resources Pages

May this Be an Opening

 Compassionate Eyes

Climate Choir Melbourne has words to lots of well-known tunes

And here

Justice Choir

Appalachia Rising: Resilient

MaMuse:  We Shall Be Known

Thrive East Bay Choir: We Shall Be Known

Holly Near: The Souls Are Coming Back

ThisisLea: Honor the Dark



Free Online course on Active Hope  by Chris Johnstone



Martha O’Hehir is an educator and writer and has served as an editor or contributing editor for several publications, including the The Music Practitioner,The Orff Echo, and Reverberations. She wrote curriculums, elementary music and math, religious studies, and music improvisation for healing musicians. She is a facilitator of the Work That Reconnects and gives retreats and workshops connecting the Great Turning with the spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin. Ordained to interfaith ministry as an Eco-Chaplain in 2017, Martha aspires to bring greater consciousness to Earth stewardship as an act of spirituality, through her writing, music, and spiritual direction.

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