Podcast: Ecological Masculinities with Paul Pulé

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Welcome to the “Conversations in ‘Deep Times’” podcast series, where our aim, as a companion to the Deep Times journal, is to highlight the Work that Reconnects and its facilitators, as well as other practitioners, scholars and creatives from the wider community who make a significant contribution to the Work and the deep changes taking place on our planet. These podcasts are accompanied by a curated transcript that is edited to read as an independent piece, including relevant links in the show notes for you to further explore.

In this inaugural episode of our podcast series, Deep Times Editorial Team member Erin Holtz Braeckman interviews Paul Pulé, an Australian scholar and activist specializing in men, masculinities, and their impacts on Earth, others and self. His research and education efforts are dedicated to creating a movement of systemic transformation for gender justice, environmental care, and a sustainable world.

Listen to the podcast:

Season 1, Episode 1 – Ecological Masculinities with Paul Pulé – PART 1

You can read the transcripts here.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Ecological Masculinities with Paul Pulé – PART 2

You can read the transcripts here.

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