September 2022 Theme & Call for Submissions

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For our next issue, in September 2022, we are seeking contributors from all over the world, particularly outside the US, to show how the Work That Reconnects or other related or more ancient deep ecology ritual and practices are helping people grapple with the many crises before us all, how to stay connected or reconnect with earth and each other, and how to prepare or refresh ourselves for our role in the healing of the world.

 Deep Times’s editors, mostly but not all based in the US, and all currently living in colonial and/or colonized places, recognize that while the specific Work That Reconnects methodology was primarily synthesized by white Americans, it has worldwide roots and reach, from the Council of All Beings in Australia and the Elm Dance in Ukraine and the coining of the term “deep ecology” in Norway. And deeper than that it is informed by and indebted to indigenous wisdom, in particular Haudenosaunee teachers and Tibetan Buddhists. Beyond that, shamanic practices, earth-based and non-dual religions and practices throughout the world have much longer histories and track records bringing people back to life, or reminding people to remain in the flow of systems and relationship. Deep Times is especially interested in learning and sharing such wisdom and practices, from the voices of those living those traditions.

How have you or others in your home countries adapted or integrated the Work That Reconnects to support local and regional needs and cultures?

 What practices and wisdom does your tradition have to share with the movement towards the Great Turning of the industrial growth society to a life-affirming one?

 How and when have you been sharing it? Do you want to share it more?

 We hope to offer articles and poems in the mother tongue of each contributor as well as translated into English. If you can translate, or find someone that can translate, that is optimal. Please pass this on to colleagues who might be able to contribute. We are seeking articles, artwork, and poetry by a deadline of July 1, 2022.

Please submit materials to: deeptimes(at)

Read these guidelines before sending submissions.

One thought on “September 2022 Theme & Call for Submissions

  1. I have been fortunate enough to attend a several “Round dances” here in Alberta, one in treaty 7 territory and two here on treaty 6 land. I have not spoken to the elders here about the history of the round dances and do not want to make any assumptions about them. I can share that the experiences I have been fortunate to either be invited to or to attend that were ceremonies of the First Nations Peoples either on Vancouver Island or here in Alberta have been unique in their spirit of calm and welcome and nonjudgmental. The last one I attended was in the winter time at our “Flying Canoe” festival here and deep in the river valley, under a cold northern night sky, we joined hands and moved clockwise to the steady beat of the drum, hand in hand, all ethnicities, faiths, gender identities and more- while the heart beat of the drum moved us steadily through the night. While I have no claim to the “round dance”, the simplicity of this ceremony and celebration of all beings is experienced as deeply moving and connects each participant both in body and spirit- I am sure it is similar to the elm dance in many respects but cannot attest to this. I will see if I can connect respectfully with an elder or two through friends here in Edmonton to explore this in more detail out of respect and curiosity as I feel there is movement within the circle that absolutely supports a towards a life affirming connection.I would love to share this with more folks- it is simple and yet extremely moving and again I feel, ties in so deeply with the philosophy of The work that reconnects. I would never want to appropriate this beautiful practice but share from a place of deep respect and reverence.

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