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Artist Statement for Interwoven Webs
By Carmen Rumbaut

This is a drawing, using colored pencils and black markers. The style is based on neurographic art that creates connections between lines reminiscent of organic networks, such as neurons. In this drawing, a ball is held within a larger net. The ball uses the colors of our planet Earth seen from outer space, mostly green and blue. The surrounding is colored with both more muted and more shiny bright colors representing the rest of the universe, indicating areas where the consciousness may be brighter. It means to point to a conscious web within another conscious web.

This art piece connects to this issue of the Deep Times Journal, which focuses on how the Work That Reconnects shows up in different parts of the world, with all its cultural and linguistic diversity and colors, as well as all tapping into the same conscious web to which we are all connected.

Carmen Rumbaut is a retired lawyer and social worker whose inner artist has finally been given room to play. She has been involved in the Work That reconnects as facilitator, part of the Anti-Oppression Resource Group,  and on the editorial team of the Deep Times Journal. A child immigrant from Cuba and a teenager during the hippie years, she sought gender, class, spiritual, and racial identity when there was no satisfactory answer that was both personally and socially acceptable. Luckily, humanity is evolving!

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