It’s Not About Me

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By Sophie Hayat

Recorded by author

Photo credit: Sophie Hayat

You might have heard the earth is my mother
And sky is my father
But did you know the stars are my sons and daughters?
I am the darkness that holds with pride
My children of the galaxy

While a bat beats its wings
I know it’s me gliding through the air
Not just from my dreams
But from memories of my own ancestral wings
And a knowing that one day I will fly again
As a raven, wren and robin

I am also the air
Nourishing my own cells with each breath
Before releasing myself to flame the fire
My faithful, fearsome friend. 
Blazing over deserts, mountains and sea.
Over unknown depths of the ocean
No different to the mystery within myself
Depths where I was birthed, and gave birth
Where I still witness my siblings of the sea
Seastars, sealions, seadragons and squid
I still feel my fear of the waves
Fear of myself

This home is magic
Where glistening webs remind me I belong
My beloved community of weaving spiders
Where mist forms droplets
Ancient tears of my ancestors
While my brother the breeze can be gentle and mild
My sister the storm can be demanding and wild
I learn to accept it all
To embrace all that I am

Witnessed by my lineage of grandparent trees
Generations and generations hold me from above
Whispering as I enter the forest
It is serious business in here
You can’t be anything but your authentic self
Fungal networks hold me from below
Silently communicating all I need to know

I see the soil as a baby to nurture
I see an ant carrying the wisdom I hope to embody
I see in the snake a mirror of my soul
I see in a single flower the significance of life
My roots travel down through the earth
To meet my mother, to meet myself

But this poem is not really about me.
It’s about us. Our family.

Recorded by Karina Lutz

Sophie Hayat is a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects, living on Kaurna country in South Australia. She is involved in advocating for marine conservation, social and climate justice, earth care and restoration. Sophie facilitates wellbeing retreats combining nature connection, spirituality with action and compassionate living. Other interests include permaculture, basket weaving, surfing and taking people out on snorkel adventures to learn about the local marine ecology.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me

  1. Oh my, this speaks so deeply of all that is living right now. Thank you so much. I will print and keep this poem in my Mary Oliver book. So right on, “It’s about us. Our family.” yes!

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