learning to say good-bye

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By Susi Moser

Recorded by author

as my heart 
into yet more 
over the world,
all i want 
is to see 
more of it
with you.
every corner
with the soft 
of love. 
go to the ends
of the Earth.
sit there 
and touch it.
remember it.
thank it.
be with it.
tend to it.
see it 
to the end
and say,
“we loved
even if
it was not

© Susanne Moser, 2023

Recorded by Karina Lutz

Susi Moser is a committed pilgrim to soul, lover of Earth, long-time friend of Joanna Macy, and practitioner of the Work That Reconnects. In the world as we know it, she has worked as a climate change scientist. And while that survival dance is on its way out, she remains feverishly committed to saving all that is worth saving, fostering necessary transformative shifts among humans, building and strengthening capacities for the Great Turning through the Work That Reconnects, and when the muse moves through her, writing poetry to sing the Earth’s and life’s praises.

One thought on “learning to say good-bye

  1. Thank you Susi. I first saw you on a documentary, talking very movingly about your experience. I am happy to ‘meet’ you here, too, through these touching words which echo a feeling in my heart, too.

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