Seasonal Forecast

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By Cheryl Pallant

Recorded by author

Because summer nears. Because rain pelts the roof. Because
enough never is enough. Because it’s our fault. Because weight

bearing fractures from sorrow. Because hunger belies mind.
Because disposing a body leaves its cries behind. Because 

an abandoned child severs a cord. Because you shot first 
and last. Because we’re counting on you and will reconsider.

Because extremes, gas attacks, and hate pinned to the chest
hollows bones. Because greed, lust, and more of the same.

Because stars drop from the sky. Because another way is
unthinkable. Because a poverty of imagination and spills

of toxic individuality. Because mine, not yours, not his nor
hers. Because it’s not too late. Because I’m not alone. Because

evolutionary strands and mycorrhizae. Because music, poetry,
and presence. Because I cohere despite negate. Because

connective tissue hydrates. Because you move. Because
distance shows a world can be otherwise. Because closed

eyes awaken another sense. Because this body wants
wave after wave coming home.

Recorded by Karina Lutz

Cheryl Pallant is the author of several books, most recently the poetry collection Her Body Listening, published by BlazeVOX Books and the nonfiction book Ecosomatics: Embodied Practices for a World in Search of Healing, published by Inner Traditions. She teaches writing and dance at University of Richmond, leads workshops online and internationally, and is a Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner. For more information about her, see

One thought on “Seasonal Forecast

  1. Thank you for this moving and thought-provoking poem. It bears reading many times, and slowly, embodying it.

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