Call for submissions September 2024

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September 2024 Call for submissions

Deadline: July 8

The Deep Times Journal editorial team is seeking words, images, sounds and other types of submissions addressing how our Work That Reconnects community experiences and participates in the Great Turning for the September 2024 issue. 

We invite you to consider two approaches to your writing:

Share your vision and understanding of the Great Turning

  • What are its multifaceted qualities? 
  • What inspirations have come to you from the Great Turning? 
  • What are the challenges and obstacles to the Great Turning?
  • How do you perceive/experience the Great Turning taking place in diverse communities?

Share your story of facilitating the Great Turning:

  • How do you introduce the Great Turning in your teaching and facilitation in a way that includes everyone?
  • What fosters a greater understanding of our interconnection and the desire to act on behalf of all life?
  • What is helpful in finding one’s own role in the Great Turning?

Find more inspiration and information on the Great Turning here.