July 2018 Issue

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Welcome to the July 2018 issue

by Molly Brown

This issue of Deep Times journal focuses on the theme of “Deep Time” (which inspired the name of this journal).  “Deep time” has been used by geologists and astronomers to refer to the eons of geologic and cosmic time. In the Work That Reconnects, the term has taken on a different meaning: a sense of time that extends far beyond our lifetimes–all that has gone before and all that comes after.

Deep Time practices enlarge the temporal context of our lives so that we feel more empowered to act for results we’ll never see. With the context of Deep Time, we act without dependence on the fruits of our action when we can’t be sure of the outcome. As we consider how the actions of our ancestors have impacted and shaped us and our world, we understand more deeply our connection to–and unknown impacts upon–future generations.

The Nuclear Guardianship Project in the the early 1990’s developed many of the practices now part of Deep Time work.  The Guardianship Project was (and still is) a collaboration of study-action groups, exploring the challenge of long-term containment and care of radioactive materials from both nuclear weapons and energy production.  The challenge is immense, because of the huge amount of radioactive materials being produced all over the world, their extreme toxicity, and the immense longevity of their toxicity–hundreds of thousands to billions of years.  Hence, the need for an expanded sense of time–and responsibility.

J. Lifton wrote in The Broken Connection in 1996 that nuclear weapons have harmed our collective capacity to even imagine a future–that we in the Western World who know about nuclear weapons have experienced a severance from the on-goingness of life. And as we lose the future, we lose the past as well, and remain stranded in the present.  No wonder so many people in the Industrial Growth Society are driven to possess more and more power and money right now; they have little or no faith or hope in a future.

In her article “To Reinhabit Time,” Joanna Macy describes how her work with the Nuclear Guardianship Project inspired and informed her understanding of “Deep Time.”  

In a related article,  “Carrying the Burden of ‘Forever Karma’ is Too Big to Carry Alone,” Martha O’Hehir shares an exchange of emails among members of the Deep Times editorial team as we discovered our common links to the karmic legacy of nuclear weapons and energy.  

Another term that has arisen in the Work That Reconnects, especially in relation to Deep Time, is “moral imagination”, which we often use to connect and commune with past and future generations, as well as other-than-human beings.  I explore the moral imagination and Deep Time in an article by that name.

We on the editorial team have been deeply disturbed by the cruel, traumatizing treatment of immigrants on the US southern border, especially the separation of over 2000 children from their parents with no clear plan for how to reunite them.  We don’t want to ignore that crisis in this issue. In the Honoring Our Pain for the World section, we feature a group of poems and essays addressing pain and offering perspectives on US immigration policy and practices.

The exploration of Deep Time has expanded beyond its inception in nuclear guardianship.  Jill Pangman’s essay, “Timeless Engistiak”, describes her profound experience of Deep Time in the Arctic.  Carmen Rumbaut explores how trauma may be passed on through generations in “Trauma and Epigenetics.”  In their interviews, Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel address the effects of racism–and the healing of racism–across generations. Constance Washburn offers an adaptation and combination of two well-known Deep Time practices in “Harvesting the Gifts of Evolution and Ancestors.

Other articles branch out from the Deep Time theme: Jen Peer Rich on “Recognizing Our Wounds”; Silvia Di Blasio on “Ecovillages and their role in the Great Turning”; Deborah Eden Tull on “Relational Mindfulness”; Helena ter Ellen’s report on the role of the Work That Reconnects in the Colombian peace process; Paula Hendricks sharing of the Interhelp community guidelines with Aravinda Ananda’s reflections on “Non-doable Requests and Shifting Long-term Behavior”; and Carolyn Treadway’s review of Bob Stilger’s book AfterNow.

All this together with several moving poems and videos. May you find rich inspiration here to support for your work for the Great Turning.


We plan to publish our next issue in February 2019 and welcome articles and poems on any theme.  Please check the Submission Guidelines if you want to offer articles, essays, poems, images, or other material.  Send submissions, proposals and queries to [email protected] by December 10.


Speak to the Child in Me

Poem by Dana Dajani

Timeless Engistiak

by Jill Pangman
A lyrical essay about an ancient, remote, and magical place in Yukon, Canada.

Earth Dream Body

Poem by Valerie Hope Cherrin

Honoring Our Pain for the World

A Mandala of Tears for the World

Mandala by Dennis Rivers
One of a series of prayer mandalas with themes sourced in the Work That Reconnects.

Carrying the Burden of “Forever Karma” is Too Big to Carry Alone

by Martha O'Hehir
Sharing a thread of emails among the editorial team of Deep Times regarding our "nuclear legacies."


Poem by Megan Hollingsworth

Recognizing the Wounds

by Jen Peer Rich
A reflection on the need to honor our collective wounds in order to heal them.


Poem by Warsan Shire

Our turn/we were warned

Poem by Karina Lutz

Blessing the Migrations

Poem by Rick Benjamin

Seeing with New Eyes

Excerpt from Rebel Song

Poetry by Rivera Sun

To Reinhabit Time in League with the Beings of the Future

by Joanna Macy
Reflections on Deep Time, adapted from
World As Lover, World As Self

Deep Time and the Moral Imagination

by Molly Brown
Reflections on how the moral imagination can help us connect to past and future beings for inspiration and guidance.

Trauma and Epigenetics: Seeing with New Eyes

by Carmen Rumbaut
Seeing with New Eyes is the third step of the spiral in the Work That Reconnects. After feeling

Time Traveler

Poem and video by Lyla June
In this music video, spoken-word artist Lyla June offers a poetic reflection on time and the wisdom needed to care for future generations.

Going Forth

Six lifetimes of love

Poem by Ann Marie Davis

Re-Connecting: Laboratories of Truth and Reconciliation in the womb of Mother Earth

by Helena ter Ellen
Helena tells of an exciting project offering workshops in the Work That Reconnects to victims and ex-combatants in Columbia, as part of a Truth and Reconcilitation process.

Ecovillages and the Great Turning: 1,000+ ways to heal the planet

by Silvia Di Blasio
Are ecovillages showing us the path forward? Ecovillages are great incubators to test the new systems and structures that we know possible...

Finding A Way Forward – Book review

by Carolyn Treadway
A review and response to Bob Stilger's new book about the aftermath of the Triple Disaster in Fukushima, Japan: After Now: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin?

Evolving Edge

The Intersection of Racism and Environmental Crises

Interview with Carl Anthony
Carl Anthony, an elder in the civil rights movement, speaks about how to respond to the interlocking challenges of racism, classism, poverty, and environmental crises.

Breakthrough Communities and the Work That Reconnects

Interview with Dr. Paloma Pavel by Molly Brown
Dr. Pavel shares how the Breakthrough Communities Project has drawn on and expanded the understandings and practices of the Work That Reconnects.

How the Interhelp Community Guidelines Came to Be

Story by Paula Hendrick
Paula relates how the Interhelp Community Guidelines came into being and shares them with the Work That Reconnects community.

Non-doable Requests and Shifting Long-term Behavior

by Aravinda Ananda
One of the things that has particularly intrigued me is how to support people in shifting long-term ingrained behavior. This article offers some reflections on that challenge from experiences over the past year.


Harvesting the Evolutionary Gifts of Our Ancestors

by Constance Washburn
A 40-60 minute “milling” practice for gathering the gifts of our ancestors of other species and our human ancestors.

Relational Intelligence for the Visionary Activist

by Deborah Eden Tull
Deborah describes "Relational Intelligence" as a resource we each have deep within, which helps us to remember that, “It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”

Identification and Disidentification: Self-care with Strong Emotions

by Molly Brown
Adapted from Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning, PsychosynthesisPress, 2004. In the Work That Reconnects,


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