March 2021 Issue

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By Molly Brown

Recording by Molly Brown

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Welcome to the March 2021 issue of Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects.  The theme for this issue is “In Each Other’s Hands: Living Resilience,” exploring how to build resilience out of personal and collective trauma, especially that experienced by BIPOC, women, LGBTQ2 people, immigrants and refugees, people with limited income, and people with disabilities.  As the Great Unraveling accelerates, more and more people experience trauma from living within the dominant socio-economic system.  At the same time, we are becoming more aware of trauma’s repercussions throughout our lives: our self-worth, our sense of safety and agency, and our interpersonal relationships.  Trauma impacts parenting, education, policing, relationships among various groups of people, and our relationship with the entire natural world.  

The editorial team sent out a call for submissions, asking, “How do we heal our individual, collective, intergenerational, and historical trauma? How do we nurture resilience in ourselves and our institutions for a more just, peaceful, and livable world, drawing on our deep interconnections within Earth’s web of life and with one another?”

The response to our call was heart-warming.  We received far more submissions than we could include, especially poetry.  We realized that poetry plays a special role in healing trauma and enhancing resilience, because it speaks to us emotionally and even somatically, where both trauma and resilience reside.

Reading through the issue as we prepared to publish, I was deeply touched by the heart and soul that shines through the contributions. Once again, something beyond our reckoning and “control” has emerged.  Our team can take credit for the hard work of editing, emails back and forth with contributors, posting chores, etc, but it feels like we are in the service of some Force or Intelligence beyond us as individuals or as a team.  I am filled with gratitude for everyone’s creativity, intelligence, and good will that has come together for this issue of Deep Times.

Following the Spiral, the issue begins with two poems that evoke gratitude in the midst of hardship. In honoring our pain for the world, four poems and a poetic personal essay speak to the horrors and brokenness of the world, the complexity of feelings and numbness many experience, and the struggle to forgive. A reflection on parenting in Deep Time, one writer’s reconnection with the land near home, and six stirring poems guide us to see with new/ancient eyes the pain and the beauty of our world.  And so we go forth with an essay on parenting during the Great Turning, a poem on stepping out, and an exploration of how the Work That Reconnects can better support resilience by becoming more trauma-informed.

The Evolving Edge section offers an illuminating essay by a self-described Afrofuturist & Afropessimist and a poem challenging the complacency of white people in the face of rampant racism.  Resources includes in-depth explorations of two very relevant books:  My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem, and Healing Collective Trauma by Thomas Hübl, as well as an announcement of Sean Kelly’s new book, Becoming Gaia. And finally, the Network section has a fascinating history of the Work That Reconnects in Australia and a report on the many “Mini-spirals” offered after the November 2020 election in the USA.

Deep gratitude to our contributors, to the editorial team, and to Gaia.



In Praise Of

Poem by Susan Solinsky

Tales of an Immigrant

Poem by Philip Kienholz

Honoring Our Pain for the World


Poem by Susana Rinderle

Trauma hurts

Poem by Fionnuala O’Shea


by Anna Charalambous-Green
Anna describes the many numbing traumas she experienced as a refugee from war--and how she is healing.


Prose poem by Vicky Chang

Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes

And Flowers will Grow in Syria

Poem by Annette Darity Garber

Starting Over

Poem by Tova Green

For Parents: Intergenerational Trauma and Lineage Work

by Jo delAmor
All the healing work that each of us does permeates all the way through our lineage, back through generations of ancestors and down through generations of future beings.


Poem by Matthew O'Tuama

The five-kilometre radius pilgrimage

by Bianca Crapis
I left my house without an inkling of where I was headed. No route planned for my wander, just a burning desire to leave the house.

Anything Can Happen

Poem by Judy Myerson


by Erin Holtz Braeckman
Prose poem and drawings reflecting on the healing power of song

A Gift in the Darkness

by Val Silidker
A meditation on the crises of our time, through which we are invited to face see the world through new eyes.

Going Forth

Parenting during the Great Turning

by Julia Smagorinsky
Yulia shares a journey as a mother facing the impossible demands and circumstances of our time.


Poem by Susan Solinsky

The Work That Reconnects: A Resilience-building Practice

by Constance Washburn
Constance describes resilience building skills that are already part of the Work That Reconnect and how to use them in a more trauma-informed way.

Evolving Edge

The End of the World, for Whom?

by AJ Hudson
An Afrofuturist & Afropessimist Counter Perspective on Climate Apocalypse


A White Body Elder Meets My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

by Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty
A significant resource for facilitators of the Work That Reconnects

Healing Collective Trauma by Thomas Hübl

Book review by Karina Lutz
Thomas Hübl has been developing and facilitating group work internationally to address issues of societal level trauma, calling his method the Collective Trauma Integration Process.

New Book: Becoming Gaia

by Sean Kelly
Becoming Gaia: On the Threshold of Planetary Initiation is devoted to helping catalyze the shift in consciousness toward a life-sustaining culture


Activism Inside the Tiger’s Mouth

by Karina Shields and Bobbi Allan
A history of the many incarnations of what we now call "the Work That Reconnects" in Australia, 1985 to present time.

Post-election Mini-Spiral workshops

by Rebecca Selove
Rebecca reports on the Mini-Spiral Workshops organized by Sarah Nahar and Mordechai Liebling that were held following the 2020 election, to help people process their feelings and concerns around the election.

Deep Times: A Journal of The Work That Reconnects

Vol. #7 Issue #1 – March 2021

Editor: Molly Brown
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