Youth Issue Guest Editorial Team

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Morgan Curtis

Guided by the call to transmute the legacy of her first settler ancestors, Morgan Curtis is dedicated to working with her fellow people with wealth, class and/or white privilege towards redistribution, atonement and reparations. Her work catalyzes the healing of relationship with self, other, family and the land, enabling the release of control so that money and power can move towards social, environmental and economic justice. Her first words of support from her ancestors for this work came through in a Work That Reconnects ritual in 2017. Morgan is a resident of Canticle Farm, an interracial, interfaith, intergenerational community in occupied Ohlone territory (known as Oakland, CA). You can learn more about her work at

Armando Davila

Age: 32

Armando Davlia is a leader in the arts, education, politics, culture, policy, and the realm of ideas with a demonstrated and vast history of working in the civic & social domains. He teaches youth and adults dance, and has designed and led workshops around leadership, environmental action, collaboration, and transformative community practices. Armando is a dedicated meditation practitioner while also leading political campaigns and organizing conferences, concerts and art shows.

Connor Gibson

Age: 25

Connor (they/he) is a mixed media artist and youth worker who feels most connected when playing in the realms of textiles, writing and book arts. They currently live as a settler on Ohlone land and trace their personal lineage to the Germanic States and British Isles. They are currently asking how their art and work might serve as tools in movements for justice of all forms. They also enjoy exploring the ways that psychotherapy and the arts blend into one another. Connor has apprenticed with beings ranging from artist Anne Greenwood (Portland, OR) to the plant-artist known as stinging nettle (Kent, UK).  Yesterday, they found out that the loquat tree in their neighbor’s yard might be a partner in making pink natural dyes. 


Phoebe Tickell

Age 28

Phoebe Tickell is a London-based systems thinker, independent researcher, strategist and consultant specialising in participatory governance, program design and narratives. She was trained and mentored in The Work That Reconnects by Joanna Macy, and started an organisation, Moral Imaginations, to take this work into the world. Her work sits at the intersection of organisational governance, deep ecology, systems thinking and the use of immersive imaginary practice to bring governance alive. She is an Associate Lecturer at Schumacher College and has worked in new forms of participatory governance that bring more-than-human-life into how we make decisions. Her full-time work is in dynamic and participatory governance design, facilitation and strategy advice, working with groups, movements and organisations through the lens of complexity and systems thinking.