Poem: And That’s How It Goes in the Great Turning!

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by Emily Johns

A delightful moment:
`         in crystal sunshine,  a bumble bee tumbling in the heart (stamens)
`               of a cosmos blossom last week.  I stopped to really see it, and
`                        have been treasuring the moment ever since: Pure Glad!

Very happy:
`         learning that the first off-shore wind-farm in the USA is coming
`              on-line this month (Nov. 2016)!  Located three miles from Block
`                   Island, RI in the Atlantic, the five turbines will generate enough
`                      carbon-free electricity to power the needs of 1,051 year-
`                           round residences (2010 census). They’ll also help replace
`                                power from five NE coal plants and the soon to be
`                                     shut down (2019) Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant.

`          that starting in Spring 2014, there have been 500+ new trees
`               planted each year in New Bedford, MA.  To date, 10/31/16,
`                     Chancery Perks, our arborist, tells us, that 1700+ trees have
`                          actually been planted already at “Mayor Jon Mitchell’s
`                              request”, with plans to add 1000+ more trees to our
`                                  urban-forest during the next two years.

`        that Chance carefully plans (a friend commented “Chance loves
`             his’ trees!”) which tree species to plant where, and cares
`                 passionately about healthy tree planting practices.  As a
`                     result, almost all our new (and older) trees are
`                         glowing in today’s cool fall sunshine, due to so much caring                           `                             citywide. Congrats to the folks
`                                   planting: this beauty
`                                         wouldn’t be happening without you.

A few perfect moments:
`         Fall River, MA during a late September sunset on City Hall
`              Square, fifty+ of us holding signs: “Standing with Standing
`                   Rock”, cars honking, gentle wind, harbor glinting.

I’m inspired to act courageously:
`          joining the determined effort of rural folks in Acushnet and Greater
`              New Bedford aggressively fighting off the HUGE LNG Storage &                         `                  Liquefaction facility planned by our local utility.  Also loving
`                        efforts everywhere to stop the construction of new
`                            pipelines.

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Emily Johns was out trying to ‘help clean up’ the marshlands when she was a solitary 6 year old. She loved being outdoors, then; still does. She taught elementary school for 35 years and especially loved the 4th graders!

Reading Rachel Carson in 1962 about the potential for a Silent Spring, Emily spent years looking for ways to cope with the huge societal changes she knew we’d need to make to end our polluting ways, and emerge as an Earth loving species. Finding the Work That Reconnects & the Spiral in 2007 launched her and has guided her ever since, helping her to thrive in today’s precious and challenging world.

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