Cover Image for August 2019 Issue

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Reflection © by Carolyn Treadway

Carolyn says about this image:  “In this photograph, a long dead tree rests half submerged, and is reflected in a calm lake. The reflection allows us to see it more clearly. Even though stripped down to its stark core essence, the tree endures, storing a lot of life history/wisdom. Also it conveys strength, tenacity, and serenity—qualities our hearts will need for the times to come. It gifts us with a precious glimpse of simple yet profound beauty.”

Carolyn Wilbur Treadway is a psychotherapist, family therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker and life coach, now retired after almost 60 years of facilitating change and growth in people’s lives.  She “speaks for Earth” however she can—as a climate leader and mentor (trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project since 2007), anti-nuclear activist, program planner and presenter, writer, and photographer. Since the mid-1980s she has been part of the Work That Reconnects. With her husband Roy, she lives in Lacey, Washington. Their three children and four young grandchildren constantly fuel her motivation to preserve our precious Earth. Contact her at