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Poem by Looby Macnamara

I am the water (for Gaia)

poem by John Salskov-Iversen

Speak to the Child in Me

Poem by Dana Dajani

Earth Dream Body

Poem by Valerie Hope Cherrin

Land of Uncertainty

Poem by Karine Gibouleau

Bird of Paradise

Poem by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Honoring Our Pain for the World


A poem by Nico Arcilla.

The Monster In My Room

Poem by Sarah Ryan

Through the Pain, Into Tomorrow

poem by Carolyn Treadway


Poem by Megan Hollingsworth


Poem by Warsan Shire

Our turn/we were warned

Poem by Karina Lutz

Blessing the Migrations

Poem by Rick Benjamin


Poem by Molly Scott

Seeing with New Eyes

Reciprocal Rhythm

A poem by Toni Spencer.

Clarion Reminder

Poem by Laura Grace Weldon

Cultural Emergence

Poem by Looby Macnamara, permaculturist.

Becoming Good Ancestors

poem by Claire Rousell
A "Deep Time" poem from the Future Beings

Excerpt from Rebel Song

Poetry by Rivera Sun

Time Traveler

Poem and video by Lyla June
In this music video, spoken-word artist Lyla June offers a poetic reflection on time and the wisdom needed to care for future generations.

The Great Remembering

Poem by Jo delAmor


poem by Annabelle Acton-Bond


by Signature MiMi

Poem: Go and receive

by Zilong Wang

Going Forth


Poem by Toni Spencer

What Matters Now

Poem by Minx Boren

The Hospital

Poem by Claire Rousell
"We have been sending smoke signals to the future people asking them for advice on how to be good Ancestors."

Six lifetimes of love

Poem by Ann Marie Davis


Poem by Bernadette Miller

Poem: I Have No Advice

by Rick Benjamin

Poem: Blazing a Path of Devotion

by Randy Morris
This poem was written near the end of a week-long retreat on ‘Grief and Longing’ that took place in the Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado in 2012. How could I be an activist, a family man and a contemplative at the same time?

Poem: As Earth

By Doug Hitt