Network Weaving

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News from regional hubs of the Work That Reconnects Network, announcements of Network activities and events, and opportunities to help weave the Network.

August 2019

The Work That Reconnects Network

The Work That Reconnects Network provides support, guidance, and inspiration to people all over the world in their work for the Great Turning.

February 2019

Reconnecting and Reweaving the Web of Life with Threads of Love

by Constance Washburn
Network Weaving is an art form... It is sacred work as the Spider Grandmothers show us and it is how the web of life is created and maintained.

July 2018

About the Work That Reconnects Network

Vision, mission, values, and leadership of the Work That Reconnects Network, as well as opportunities to participate. Join us!

February 2018

4 Dimensional Mapping of the Work That Reconnects Network

by Constance Washburn
As part of a training in Social Presencing Theatre (SPT), I had the opportunity to use the Work That Reconnects Network as a case study using the SPT 4D mapping practice.

Report on the first online Facilitator Development Program

by Louise Fitzgerald
Last September, I took the opportunity to join the Facilitation Development Program (FDP) to grow further into the WTR and in particular engage with the “Evolving Edge” of the work.

May 2017

The Story of Interhelp

by Paula Hendrick and Rosalie Anders
As the national/international Work That Reconnects Network continues to evolve, we offer this look back at the formation and evolution of the “original” Work That Reconnects Network, Interhelp.

The Ones We Dance For: An Appeal

by Joanna Macy
If you’ve been with me in the Work That Reconnects, chances are that you danced the Elm Dance, and heard me tell how it connects our work to a band of valiant Russians protecting life in the poisoned shadow of Chernobyl. I write now to ask for your support of this brave nongovernmental organization.

Plans for Facilitator Development Programs in 2017-18

by Molly Brown, Mutima Imani, and Constance Washburn
Plans for two parallel Facilitator Development Programs in 2017-18, one in Oakland for People of Color, the other online open to all aspiring facilitators.

November 2016

De-colonizing the Work that Reconnects – workshop

A Workshop for White Facilitators of the Work facilitated by Aryeh Shell and Joshua Gorman

Proposed Facilitator Development Program

By Constance Washburn and Molly Brown