Words that Reconnect and Leverage Shifts in Consciousness

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In Evangelina (Valia) Papoutsaki’s lovely introduction to her blog post, “Words that Reconnect: Re-imagining Language for Social Change,” she asserts the power of languages to create and recreate cultures. “Every social movement…has brought forth a unique vocabulary that has transformed our collective consciousness.” And so has the Great Turning, with many of these terms emerging within the context of the Work That Reconnects, and many throughout the wider movement toward a life-sustaining culture.

With that in mind, Valia put out a call to facilitators and other network members to develop a glossary of the new (or renewed) words of our movement. She’s started a “living document” on her website, including the words collected so far, as well as several she has gleaned from her own reading and conversations. In a future issue of the Deep Times journal, we will publish an updated article and glossary on Valia’s Words that Reconnect project.


Meanwhile, more words are coming in through our email: [email protected].  Please send more as you are inspired, by July 1 for inclusion here. We don’t expect language to stop evolving!

Valia is a former editor with the Deep Times journal, and is a scholar of social change communication among other topics.

Big thanks to those of you who have offered “words that reconnect” so far, check out the link to a sneak preview! 

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