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Mt. Shasta Farmers Market by Renee Casterline

The spiral begins with gratitude, because that quiets the frantic mind and brings us back to source, opening our hearts and reconnecting us with empathy and personal power. It helps us to be more fully present to one another and to our world.

March 2020

The Luminous Dark

Poem by Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland

Mandalas of the Spiral

by Diane Szymaszek After attending a Work That Reconnects event, Diane created a series of images, one for each stage of the spiral, as a gift of thanksgiving to Joanna Macy.

Writing Coming Back to Life with Joanna Macy

by Molly Brown
A reflective memoir on working together with Joanna on Coming Back to Life

August 2019

The Gift of Belonging: A Tribute to Joanna Macy

by Rebecca Hart
A passionate tribute to root teacher Joanna Macy and her teachings.


Poem by Looby Macnamara

February 2019

Deep Ecology: with our kids on our backs

by Felipe Medina
Where are we heading from here? I now ask. For those who are fathers or mothers, the depth of the question echoes in the lives and caring of our children, as they run, play and laugh.

Gratitude..isn’t always easy

by Rebecca Selove
A psychotherapist’s perspective on gratitude and its value for psychological and social resilience.

I am the water (for Gaia)

poem by John Salskov-Iversen

July 2018

Speak to the Child in Me

Poem by Dana Dajani

Timeless Engistiak

by Jill Pangman
A lyrical essay about an ancient, remote, and magical place in Yukon, Canada.

Earth Dream Body

Poem by Valerie Hope Cherrin

February 2018

Songs of Gratitude

by Jen Myzel
Songs of gratitude for your auditory enjoyment.

Letter from Joanna Macy

by Joanna Macy
Joanna shares good news and appreciation for WTR initiatives around the world.

Land of Uncertainty

Poem by Karine Gibouleau

May 2017

Bird of Paradise

Poem by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Coming Back to Reciprocity

by Aravinda Ananda
While reading Braiding Sweetgrass, I found myself newly in relationship with five backyard chickens. The chickens have been a powerful doorway into reciprocal relationship for me, a pathway back to starting the day with gratitude, a daily call to presence.

A World Full of Gifts

by Molly Brown
After checking out Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer from our local library, I bought my own copy to read for the second time. This time through, I found this passage on wild strawberries and wanted to riff on what Kimmerer says about them.

November 2016

Letter From Joanna

by Joanna Macy
My gratitude for the Work That Reconnects keeps growing. A feature that I especially love is how it lets people hear the voice they most need to hear: the voice within themselves.

Radical Gratitude

by Barbara Ford
Gratitude is one of the most venerated practices in virtually all spiritual traditions. In these times…gratitude is a form of resistance to dysfunctional culture and messages of disempowerment.

Five Fold Path

by Dennis Rivers
A morning mandala/meditation/affirmation/exploration/prayer/practice of gratitude.