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by Molly Brown

Recorded by MB

When the Deep Times team learned that the Work That Reconnects Network was planning a Gaian Gathering the first week in November 2023, we decided to fill the March 2024 issue of Deep Times with edited transcriptions of the talks and presentations, as well as some of the poetry or videos offered there.  And here is the result!  

Our editorial team thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the presentations and editing the transcripts to offer you the highlights of the resplendent Gaian Gathering, which was attended by well over six hundred people from around the world.  We included a selection of the keynote speakers and a couple of the other presentations that we could readily translate into written form. There were many more inspiring practice sessions and participant-centered discussions that didn’t lend themselves to the journal format.

We hope that the articles herein will whet your appetite for viewing the full presentation videos now available on the Work That Reconnects Network website.  Here’s the link, which will be also found after each edited transcription.

Leading our Gratitude section, Mary Oak reflects on her experience as a participant in the Gaian Gathering in Preparing for the Gaianthropocene. ”  In “Joanna at the Gaian Gathering,” Linda Seeley tells about Joanna Macy’s joyful response to and delightful participation in the Gathering. Marc Decitre recounts “An Early History of the Work,” focused here on its initial roots.

Bruna Buch leads the section on Honoring Our Pain for the World with a passionate poem in Portuguese and English, “Do que a sua dor é capaz?” Journalist Dahr Jamail shares his personal journey with the Work That Reconnects in “Honoring Our Pain, Seeing with New Eyes” and Hector Aristizabel, Uri Noy Meir, and Ilaria Olimpico share their process in “Creating the Bestiary for the Gaian Gathering” along with the video they curated together.

Our extensive section on Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes begins with Lyla June Johnston’s exploration “Weaving Ancient Wisdom into Our Current Lifeways–Becoming Allies through Self-Healing.” Next is Bayo Akomolafe’s poem, “I am an ongoing-ness without a name,” followed by his Deep Time exploration, “Time Marronage.”  Gretchen Sleicher shares on video her haunting song, “The Other Side.”  Deep Ecologist John Seed speaks about “Deep Ecology and the Conservation of Nature” and Adrián Villaseñor Galarza offers “Pachasophical Explorations & The Great, Golden Turning” (isn’t Pachasophical a wonderful word?).  

In Going Forth, Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) shares “The Power and Pleasure of Omnibeneficence” (imagine what that word means!). Two long-time nuclear abolitionists, Kathleen Sullivan and Linda Seeley uplift the vital role of “Nuclear Guardianship” in protecting life on Earth. And Nina Simons, co-evolver of Bioneers, closes this section with “Turning Vision into Action.”  

The Evolving Edge features excellent guidance for facilitators from Belinda Griswold in “Undoing Oppression and Cultural Appropriation.” The Network section offers the story of “Planning the Gaian Gathering.”

 Resources include a review of Jo delAmor’s new book, Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis.  “Words that Reconnect and Leverage Shifts in Consciousness” introduces Valia Papoutsaki’s project collecting and curating powerful new words for the Great Turning.


Reflections on the Gaian Gathering: Preparing for the Gaianthropocene

by Mary Oak
Mary shares her profound experience as a participant in the Gaian Gathering

Joanna Macy at the Gaian Gathering

by Linda Seeley
Linda recounts her experience with Joanna Macy during the Gaian Gathering.

An Early History of the Work That Reconnects

by Marc Decitre
A partial transcript of Marc's talk drawing on research for his master’s thesis on the history of the Work That Reconnects..

Honoring Our Pain for the World

Do que a sua dor é capaz?

poem by Bruna Buch
"What is your pain capable of?" in Portuguese and English

Honoring Our Pain, Seeing With New Eyes

by Dahr Jamail
Carmen Rumbaut interviews award winning journalist and author Dahr Jamail about his work and personal journey.

Creating the Bestiary for the Gaian Gathering

by Hector Aristizabel with Uri Noy Meir & Ilaria Olimpico
The process, intention, and thinking that produced the powerful Bestiary presentation at the Gaian Gathering.

Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes

Weaving Ancient Knowledge into our Current Lifeways

by Lyla June Johnston
Becoming Allies through Self-Healing

I am an ongoing-ness without a name

poem by Bayo Akomolafe

Time Marronage

by Bayo Akomolafe
In an interview with Jo delAmor, Bayo explores the implications of marronge--the act of refusing the terms of captivity--in relation to time.

The Other Side

song and video by Gretchen Sleicher

Deep Ecology and the Conservation of Nature

by John Seed
John explores the essential understandings of Deep Ecology and the vital role of passion in activism.

Pachasophical Explorations & The Great, Golden Turning

by Adrián Villaseñor Galarza
An exploration of how we may mobilize inner resources in service to Life.

Going Forth

The Power and Pleasure of Omnibeneficence

by Pat McCabe, Woman Stands Shining
A visionary message of our belonging in the world and the honor of being a human being

Nuclear Guardianship

by Linda Seeley and Kathleen Sullivan
Two long-time nuclear abolitionists on the vital role of Nuclear Guardianship supported by the Work that Reconnects

Turning Vision Into Action

by Nina Simons
Nina offers guidance for Going Forth with cultural humility, discomfort resilience, and fierce compassion.

Evolving Edge

Undoing Oppression and Cultural Appropriation

by Belinda Griswold
Belinda offers counsel for facilitators in creating inclusive, welcoming spaces for everyone.


Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis by Jo delAmor

Book review by Molly Brown
Jo delAmor's book is an inspiring and practical vision of parenting as a form of activism and liberation.

Words that Reconnect and Leverage Shifts in Consciousness

Regarding Valia Papoutsaki’s on-going project collecting "words that reconnect."


Planning the Gaian Gathering

by Carmen Rumbaut
Carmen summarizes an interview with key planners of the Gaian Gathering.

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