Cover image for October 2020

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Cover image edited by Topher Sinkinson

Image description: A rectangular portrait made up of a number of fragmented images. None of the images can be seen in their entirety and they appear to be sections of larger pieces. Some are hand-drawn while some appear to be graphically illustrated or manipulated. One appears to be a yellow block print with fragmented text that includes the letters “dry / the / en / rea / for / what”. Another seems to include the letters “REMEM”.  There’s an image of a chain on a blue background, another of an embroidered flower in yellow orange and green. Another image seems to be a silhouette of a bird, another seems to include yellow trees. Another fragment of white text on blue background  includes the letters “experimenting / shine my / human conn / walk by th / ay morning”. Another has a pale background and some sort of human-like figure in black lines. One fragment has green vegetation with pink wisps overlaid. There are more fragments, all of them interlocking in a puzzle-like manner with white space in between them. At the top left, large black text reads “Deep Times” below it, text says “A Journal of the Work That Reconnects”. At the bottom right, text reads “Special Youth Issue / Volume 5 Issue 2 / September 2020”