Deep Times Editorial Team

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Molly Brown, editor of Deep Times, co-authored Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work That Reconnects with Joanna Macy. Molly brings ecopsychology, the Work That Reconnects, and psychosynthesis to her work writing books and essays, teaching on-line courses, phone coaching, talks and workshops. Her six books include Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning and Lighting a Candle: Collected Reflections on a Spiritual Life. With Mutima Imani and Constance Washburn, Molly directs and teaches Spiral Journey, a Facilitator Development Program for the Work That Reconnects

Articles written by Molly:

Carolyn Treadway is a therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker, and life coach, now retired after more than 60 years of facilitating change and growth in people’s lives.  She “speaks for Earth” however she can—as a climate leader and mentor (trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project) since 2007, anti-nuclear activist, conference planner, workshop facilitator, writer, editor and photographer. She and Molly Brown co-edited Held in Love: Life Stories to Inspire Us Through Times of Change. Since the early-1980s she has been part of the Work That Reconnects. With her husband Roy, she lives in Lacey, Washington. Their three children and four young grandchildren constantly fuel her motivation to preserve our precious Earth. Contact her at [email protected].

Articles written by Carolyn:

Erin Holtz Braeckman is a writer and educator who seeks to rewild the Earth-based ancestral wisdom traditions of the Deep Feminine in her art and activism. She holds a B.A., B.Ed., and an M.A. in English Literature (Public Texts), as well as certification in Spiritual Counselling and a background in World Religions. She is a part-time faculty member at Lakefield College School, and teaches Hatha and Qigong as an E-RYT and reiki practitioner out of her home business, The Village Yoga Studio, in Ontario, Canada. When not with a book, her garden, or beloved family, she can be found weaving the Work that Reconnects into an “embodied inner life” by observing the sacred in the everyday.

Articles written by Erin:


Karina Lutz is a writer, editor, teacher, lifelong activist, and Work that Reconnects facilitator. She is the author of two books of poetry, Preliminary Visions and Post-Catholic MidrashimShe has taught writing, yoga, energy auditing, global water issues, sustainable systems, and green social ventures. She also knows how to make food, clothing, shelter, community, social change, and love. Her poetry blog is Poetry for the Great Turning.

Articles & poems written by Karina:


Martha O’Hehir is an educator and writer and has served as an editor or contributing editor for several publications, including the The Music Practitioner,The Orff Echo, and Reverberations. She wrote curriculums, elementary music and math, religious studies, and music improvisation for healing musicians. She is a facilitator of the Work That Reconnects and gives retreats and workshops connecting the Great Turning with the spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin. Ordained to interfaith ministry as an Eco-Chaplain in 2017, Martha aspires to bring greater consciousness to Earth stewardship as an act of spirituality, through her writing, music, and spiritual direction.

Articles written by Martha:


Rebecca Selove is a public health researcher at Tennessee State University, and a clinical psychologist who focuses on ecotherapy in several contexts. She has facilitated Work That Reconnects and Council of All Beings workshops over several decades. She lives on a farm north of Nashville, TN where she and her husband plant and harvest a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.


Articles written by Rebecca:


Valia Papoutsaki is an engaged global citizen with a passion for social justice; a social change communication scholar, editor, published author, facilitator and educator; and a dedicated mentor to young women, agents of change and emerging researchers.  She runs Dialogos, a private practice that provides training, research and facilitation to social change engaged individuals and collectives. She is a WTR certified facilitator and she intergrates WTR tools in her co-facilitated Kuumba for Agents of Change Program. For more information visit here:

Articles by Valia:


Support team:

Silvia Di Blasio works supporting various organizations and projects including the Work That Reconnects Network, the Capra Course, Gaia Education and the Facilitators Development program. In her spare time, Silvia tutors permaculture design students for the Women’s Permaculture Guild, gardens, cooks for her family or enjoys reading her collection of books about almost anything and everything. Silvia’s role in the DTJ includes receiving, organizing and posting the submissions and organizing the website.

Articles written by Silvia:

Shayontoni Rhea Ghosh joined us as a volunteer Network Weaver in April, and this past fall accepted a position as a member of our paid administrative staff. Shayontoni is an artiste and facilitator, based out of Hyderabad, India. As a young artiste, she has worked with theatre groups across the country, occupying various roles and learning how to work with people in processing emotion and expressing themselves through art. She dove into the world of Work That Reconnects during the Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program in 2020, and has been working on adapting the work to the Indian contexts since. Her areas of interest are trauma, social and cultural justice, and creative self-expression.

Articles written by Shayontni:


Frieda Nixdorf, MA,  Graphic designer   In addition to mothering a young human who is on the brink of venturing out into the world, Frieda offers her gifts as a facilitator, purpose guide, mentor, teacher and a collector and disseminator of imagery and messages on behalf of the WTR Network. Frieda’s background is in psychology, education, art history, visual culture, expressive arts and the non-profit environmental field. She currently serves as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University and staff mentor at Purpose Guides Institute. You may connect with Frieda through her website at:

By Frieda: